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Improving your broiler business competitiveness. In Partnership.

Pomicon provide independent, practical and effective consultancy services to the broiler meat supply & value chain, operating worldwide. From the details of production processes to management advice, like investment and business strategy processes. Tangible results. Delivered.

Is your broiler performance level world class, with low variation in results within and between the flocks? Is your supply chain truly integrated, driven by bottom line profits?

Pomicon is passionate about – by working in partnership with your team – to improve production and business processes, productivity, profitability, and assisting you in creating a lasting competitive advantage. We understand your business and are able to assist if you run any of the following operations:

  • Grand Parent Stock
  • Parent Stock
  • Hatchery
  • Broiler growing
  • Feed mill
  • Processing plant
  • Or preferably the whole integrated supply chain

Our approach is simple. We believe in the power of fully utilising the genetic potential of the broilers - in all flocks. Low production cost, higher value carcasses, and better predictability will follow. All at the same time! In partnership we will find the ways to take your business to the top level. Building trust, performance, and value for your money are key values for us. Take contact today and find out how we could in partnership improve your business performance!



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