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About us

20 years of industry experience. Network of specialists. Effective service from hands on field assignments to board rooms.

Pomicon is led by Tommi Saksala. He has gained extensive practical and management skills about broiler and turkey meat supply chain operations mainly from Finland and Sweden. These countries provide a good learning ground of broiler and turkey meat operations because of the following reasons:

  1. A challenging climate – everything from +30 to -30ºC with both high and low relative humidity.
  2. Excellent bird performance through out the year, without compromised stocking densities.
  3. Advanced production and processing technology, high productivity.
  4. Strict biosecurity and hygienic procedures.
  5. Less than 1% Salmonella contaminated flocks.

Introducing Tommi Saksala

Finnish citizen, MSc. (agric.), 20 years experience from practical work with poultry to management level positions. He lives in Southern Finland, and has been involved with farming and broiler production since teen age.

He has gained sound understanding and skills of all aspects of poultry meat production by first working practically as a worker and supervisor with the PS, broilers, in the hatchery, slaughterhouse and further processing. Delivering day old chicks to broiler farms, taking care of broilers, slaughtering, supervising a cut-up, deboning and packing department and a further processing department. These hands on experiences brought a fingertip touch one can not get by only studying or working in management positions. After studies the practical working changed to management positions for three different meat processing companies in Finland and Sweden.

Before university, he graduated from an agricultural college in Finland which involved a thesis work "Optimal broiler house ventilation". Graduating from Helsinki University (faculty of agricultural economics) involved a thesis work "Optimal degree of vertical integration in a poultry meat supply chain”. His management experience over 15 years covers the following positions:

  • Agricultural director, A-Tuottajat Oy (Atria Group), Finland. Responsible of the broiler & turkey meat supply chain operations before the processing plant - from day old PS to slaughterhouse receiving area. Member of the slaughterhouse management team. Atria Plc is a listed, modern large meat & food producer, based in Finland.
  • Project manager, Itikka osuuskunta (Atria Group), Finland. Responsible of a broiler supply chain quality and productivity improvement project.
  • • Production manager, Swehatch Ab, Sweden (former Kläckeribolaget Ab). Responsible of broiler PS operations in Väderstad area. Swehatch Ab is the largest producer of day old chicks in Sweden.
  • Production director, Oy Snellman Ab, Finland. A short visit to the red meat sector.
  • Management consultant, Pomicon Oy, Finland. After serving the above companies a dream became a reality – starting up an own business. Service to the poultry meat industry worldwide.


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Tommi Saksala

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Tommi Saksala