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4. Alignment and Strategy Processes.

– Becoming truly integrated and maximize bottom line profitability. Working smarter.

Developing a smarter way of dealing with suppliers – both internal and external. Many times the situation is that the different players or functions of your supply chain have very different objectives – with little coupling to the slaughterhouse results. It might be that the feed mill do not receive any feed back from the processing plant. The broiler growing side want the cheapest feed - but what does this mean at the processing line? Should the hatchery be compensated by chick numbers alone? We think no. There is only one source where the money is coming from in to the supply chain and flowing backwards. How the different supply chain players understand the implications of their decisions and actions at the processing plant has huge impact on processing plant profitability and ultimately of the whole supply chain!

Understanding is the first step - designing ways of transferring processing plant interests backwards in the supply chain is even more important. This is what we call aligning the interests of the supply chain. Investment in developing effective incentive systems is a highly profitable investment! Pomicon can be your partner in designing and communicating your goals and profit drivers to become everybodys goals!

A project which shift the focus of your suppliers to key profit drivers changes the rules of collaboration! Begin this process today, and be ahead of competition! The best suppliers will be queuing to partner with you. Less complaints, less unproductive talking, better relationships, better speed, better margins.

Pomicon can support you in the design, negotiations, proposals and training of stakeholders into the new system - assisting their adjustment, taking advantage of it and buy into the model. An outsider is often seen as a neutral part and therefore could assist in delivering the message more effectively.


Good strategies are market driven (not production), simple, and builds competitive advantage. Yet good strategies often fail or fall below expectations. Getting the buy in, to ownership and the implementation are all challenging.

Production and sales/marketing functions sometimes talk different language. Later, the often witnessed situation is that sales is blaming production for too high costs, delivery failures and production is blaming sales for too many products resulting in "unmanageable complexity". Then processing plant is asking the broiler growing department to lower unit costs - and they go to the feed miller asking to produce cheaper feed. Lots of discussion of prices. Familiar with this type of situation? We believe, that the situation can and should be different.

Listening actively and carefully to the message of the sales/marketing people (the market) will be key to solving both the cost and complexity problems.

We can be your partner from strategy formulation to strategy implementation, asking the right questions at the right time. Assisting the strategy process to stay focused on the possibilities, defend the realities and assist everybody to REALLY understand each other, see the advantages, and thereby facilitate buy in and ownership of the strategy - key elements in successful strategy projects.



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