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3. Independent performance evaluations.

– knowing where the hidden profits are and what to do about them.

What is really happening – we mean Really? We can see through the “fog” for you by going where the real action is taking place, where the profit or loss is generated. Mostly, the name of the problem is variation in results. Pomicon can be the independent partner to execute this type of evaluation in a constructive way. Our approach is to measure more and feel less. Most processes can be measured. This would bring a fresh view on identifying the area(s) where performance can be improved, and a suggestion on a solution. After this type of a project the energy can be directed constructively to solving the problem.

As an example, 10 working days is enough to get a good grip of a hatchery - its processes and the measured quality of day old chicks – and even make some first performance improving changes if required.



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