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1. Investment projects.

– choosing the right tools and planning the set up for best productivity, lowest variation and best durability. Project management.

Low cost investment does not necessarily translate in to low cost production. What is really important, in your circumstances?

We can assist you in selecting the best technology to suit your situation, or to plan your whole supply chain from the beginning to maximize throughput, bird productivity and quality. Preferably this is done in partnership with your team.

Your end product range has implications on what is critical in the production system. For instance, if your processing plant is to produce boneless meat or further processed products, it is highly critical to plan this in to the hatchery, broiler farms and the feed mill investments.

Being independent from the equipment suppliers, and after listening to you and understanding your business the right investment decisions are easier to make.
We want to stand by your side from the planning stages to the commissioning and operations start up phase.

Examples of typical projects:

  • Planning a new broiler house, or broiler complex, a hatchery etc.,
    - Which ventilation system to choose and why?
    - Which incubators to choose and why?
  • Preparing bids, comparing offers, purchasing new equipment
  • Start-up management assistance of new investments
  • Project management and assistance
  • Second opinion before decision making.



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