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2. Productivity, Process- and Product Quality Projects. Technical and economical advice.

Results seen in FCR, yields, throughput, uniformity and better predictability etc. The quality of all operations becomes exposed at the broiler farms and at the slaughterhouse. A high quality production process performs at a stable level, showing little variation around the average. Judging performance levels on average results alone is detrimental in maximizing profitability! High process quality is a prerequisite for high consistent productivity and stable product quality – low unit cost as well. In many companies, the top quartile results are good, but the real problem is big variation in results, which is costing the company a lot of money – in larger companies millions of USD annually.

Pomicon can assist you in finding the source(s) of variation in your results and then fixing them. You want all of your flocks / birds to perform – not just 3 out of 5! This will lower your unit cost, improve quality, predictability, and improve your customer satisfaction. This is an area where rapid tangible results - quick wins - are possible without any investments at best!

From technical hands on (in the field) advice on a specific matter, to optimizing or analyzing whole production systems.

Examples of typical projects:

  • Improve broiler FCR
  • Improve broiler flock uniformity
  • Improve breast meat yield
  • Chick quality, incubation details and hatchery management
  • Improve fertility and hatchability of the PS flocks
  • Improve ventilation/heating system
  • Improve the pellet quality of the feed
  • Improve 7 day weight of the broilers
  • Decision making processes regarding the choice of the broiler breed
  • Etc.



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