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Below are described two different projects, one large longer term project and one small short term project.

Broiler productivity project

A broiler integrator in Europe with contract farmers, producing about 40 million broilers annually. Pomicon was contracted to assist the supply chain to improve broiler performance on farms and at the processing plant. Project duration was 1,3 years.

The consultancy included feed, hatchery, broilerfarms and the slaughterhouse. The KPI (key performance indicators) to measure progress were set to be broiler FCR, breast meat yield and flock uniformity at the processing plant. The work started with some selected broiler farmers, with the goal to achieve early improvements on their farms, and to build trust by delivering results improvements. Later, more farmers would join in if success were to be witnessed.

Thanking the good collaboration and commitment with all parties, especially the broiler growers, this happened. During the project meetings were arranged with all key players in the supply chain, reporting progress and discussing about challenges on the field, and ways to overcome them. Some of the challenges were variable chick quality, variable pellets quality of the feed, nutrient density in the final feed (whole wheat inclusion at farms), temperature and humidity profiles on farms.

Together, working closely with the farmers, hatchery, feed manufacturers and the slaughterhouse, progress were made. Also, one can say that the focus shifted from cutting costs within ones own business - to fully utilizing the genetic potential and thereby maximising the value of the product where it really counts - at the processing plant - the only place bringing in money in to the supply chain. The thinking changed to focus more on productivity and profits, and awareness of the realities at processing plant and what really counts increased.
After the project the company’s profitability improved. Pomicon has been contracted to the same group/company after this first project. More details on request.

Hatchery chick quality project

A broiler PS-hatchery in Europe equipped with new incubators were receiving complaints about the chick quality, mainly uniformity. The hatchery had a good track record of chick quality and sales had been increasing rapidly. Some of the chicks were transported to long distance customers, so details of the hatchery operation were even more important. Pomicon was contracted to find out the source of the chick quality complaints. The root causes to the problems were identified within 2 weeks. Pomicon has been contracted to the same company after this first assignment. More details on request.


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