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Pomicon services are targeted to provide real, tangible business results leading to customers improved broiler business profitability. Depending on your business needs, we are capable and willing to work anywhere within your operations – from the inside of the incubators, to broiler houses, to company management and board meetings. Flexible, focused, anytime, anywhere.

Our services:

  1. Investment projects – choosing the right tools and planning the set up for best productivity, lowest variation and best durability. Project management.
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  2. Productivity, Process- and Product quality projects – full utilization of the genetic potential, maximize productivity, minimize variation, lower unit costs.
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  3. Independent Performance Evaluations – knowing where the hidden profits are and what to do.
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  4. Alignment and Strategy Processes – becoming truly integrated and maximize bottom line profitability.
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  5. Training projects – better utilization of the capacity of your people.
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Our strength is the broad knowhow of the whole supply chain, not only one specific subject, and the determination to find a solution to your situation. No, we don’t know everything. But, we know enough of the eggs/birds/feed and enough of the technology around them, to be able to provide advice which improves business results. As an example only, when a chick quality problem exist, we can not only identify it, but also find the root reason for it, and suggest/deliver a solution how to improve the situation. You can simply Expect Results.

Our goal is to earn your trust, and become a trusted partner in driving your business forward. Our business promise to you is Customer Satisfaction after a completed assignment. Nothing less.


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